• You Tube

    Posted on July 7th, 2010 Sharyn 2 comments

    Did you know you can make your own video using Power Point and Camtasia Studios if you have a PC and the software is free and included on MAC (not sure what it’s called though).

    Imagine taking your post and turning into a bullet point list on Power Point. Then with Camtasia and your headset record your blog. Make sure it’s under 5 minutes so you don’t exceed their time limit. Save the recording and render it as an.avi or .mpeg file.

    Once you’ve uploaded the video to YouTube, you can play it and then copy the URL. Paste the URL into your blog and be sure to remove (break) the link. If you don’t, when people click the video they are sent to YouTube and away from your blog.

    Next, post the same video on MySpace and your Facebook account. Be sure you have tagged the video with a link to your blog. This will create a highly ranked back link from very highly ranked websites. It counts more for increasing your ranking the higher the website you place your link, i.e. back link.

    Next, post a link on the groups you’ve joined on Linkedin and answer at least two or three discussions and be sure to include a link to your blog. Then start your own discussion and as a question that you’ve answered in your blog post.

    It’s a simple method of increasing your ranking very rapidly.

  • Social Media

    Posted on May 5th, 2010 Sharyn 1 comment

    Almost exactly two years ago to the month, John Bonner asked me to add him as a friend on Facebook. My first reaction was “not another social media site to take up my time!” I had 4 friends at the time and never used it to do anything other than posting my profile because my Social Media consultant said I should.

    I was about to launch my 6th book and I thought I’d get around to it, but didn’t see the benefit.

    So, after 30 seconds of contemplation I added John as a friend and then decided to see who his friends were. Wow! Was I ever surprised! His friends are Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, and a major number of heavy hitters as well as authors and well known speakers.

    Okay, I was hooked! I stayed on Facebook for an hour requesting all of the big name personalities on John’s page to add me as a friend. When I got up the next morning I had 95 friends and they were all well known people.

    Now what I did was what 99% of all Facebook users never do. I called them, emailed them, thanked them for adding me amd kept up the dialogue. Even now two years later I still keep up with those who are open to communicating with me.

    I had been on LinkedIn nearly since the beginning in 2003 when I met the founder Jake Swearingenat San Jose State while I was taking their Masters in Business program. But honestly I never gained any business nor any contacts that I didn’t already know there. The barrier of having someone having to introduce someone I didn’t know kept me from meeting anyone new.

    So I listened to my Social Media consultant Claudia Guzman from GetGlobalAssist.com and started a Twitter account, moved my flip videos to YouTube.com and focused my activity on MySpace towards well known authors and speakers.

    Social Media is extremely powerful when you use it correctly. I’ve recorded a segment on helpful hints in using the major sites, please right click on the link and listen, and then use the techniques.

    Social Media is an audio program you can download to hear the actual steps it takes to transfer files from your computer to your website/blog.