May 22, 2012

Speaking at Nevada Online Meetup in Grass Valley

August 12th


October 13th – Teleseminar

October 5th – 7 pm Meetup – 62 S San Tomas Aquino Rd Campbell Signup

August 10th – 6:30 pm – Sports Basement – San Francisco

August 5th – Meetup – Milpitas


July 14th – Silicon Valley Pad


Speaking at Milpitas Meetup

Meetup -SF Box

45 Minute Introduction – Wednesday, June

Friday, June

San Francisco

$299 – 4 hours

You will learn how to take your website that is hosted, (FastNext.com is what I can help you with easiest) and learn each step:

  • Convert the site to a blog
  • Get it listed in search engines
  • Add posts
  • Add Pages
  • Change the Appearance
  • Add Audio
  • Add Video
  • Add Pictures
  • Increase your Rankings to the top 10% of all websites in 2 weeks


  • Website URL registered (point Nameservers to FastNext.com)
  • Webhost (I prefer FastNext.com to make it easier)
  • Laptop

If you have a digital camera and Flip Video camera or similar products, please be sure to bring them.


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