You can see from the rankings that what I am doing has had tremendous results. Possibly more than anyone else I know. I used double blind studies to verify what works and what doesn’t. It is truly amazing to see how with very little time you can achieve what others are paying a fortune for in SEO and Google Adwords to accomplish.

Just click on the image above and it will open to full size document so you can see my results.

None of my systems have a cost attached to it. It is a simple matter of doing the work. Less than an hour a week will have your site/blog in the top 10% of all websites (according to Alexa) within a month.

A great example is this Blog after 5 days it is now ranked at 14,988,401. That is in the top 14% of all websites. Not bad for 5 days.

For step by step instructions, get the DVD and start today!

1 thought on “Rankings”

  1. Hi Sharon,
    I work for Absolut Fenix. I am trying to get their website on the first page for google and others. Doing what I have learned from you, we started at 4,984,000 approximately. We are now down to 791,542. And that is in about 5 weeks. I think it is amazing. But, even though the ranking is going down almost daily, as I work it daily, it has not moved at all when using the search engines. We went from page 3 on searches to page 2 in about a week, but it will not budge. Every week the ranking changes for the better, but we are still coming up in exactly the same place on the second page of google, Bing, etc. Any ideas?
    PS I know the webpage is horrible. We are currently building a new webpage and hope to have it done in about 3 more weeks.
    Thanks a bunch!
    Lauri in mexico

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