• New Client

    Posted on February 7th, 2012 Sharyn No comments

    A year ago I was at the Women’s Information Network in South San Francisco when I met Dinah Lin. She stuck out in the crowd for a couple of reasons. First because she is so present, poised and gracious and secondly because she was 70 years old.

    I admire those who are always learning and have so much to offer those they come in contact with. She told me at the time she was going to do something with me. She made a couple of attempts at attending my classes, but for one reason or another, she wasn’t able to make it.

    They I got a call from her and she asked if she could attend the next class. Unfortunately, I don’t do the classes any more.

    So I told her I’d meet her on Saturday and we’d do the class one-on-one.

    We met at a coffee shop we knew would have wifi and started working. I had asked her to register her website before we met and she had, except she had changed her mind and decided to launch a new site once we arrived.

    It¬†definitely¬†slowed us down, but we got through the majority of the lessons by the end of the four hours. I also told her I would help her work on her blog by setting up the Plugins and Widgets just to help her out since once they are set up, they usually don’t have to be adjusted.

    I’ll be looking forward to tracking Dinah’s progress.

  • Widgets

    Posted on April 7th, 2010 Sharyn 1 comment

    Widgets are what you can add to your website to make it more functional. A number of Widgets I prefer include:

    Archieve: This is how your readers and you will keep track of what post is created on which month.

    Tag Cloud: This is the list of keywords you choose to use in your post. Your readers can click on the keywords and go right to the post that mentions that keyword.

    Posts: Lists your posts to the right so your readers can look at your posts in the order in which you have written them. Some readers prefer a chronicle order when discovering your blog.

    RSS Feeds: Using the RSS Feed is how you will be able to make it seem as though you are posting on your blog frequently. The crawlers see the updates and believe that you are updating your blog 3 – 4 times a day.

    There are many other Widgets you can add, so take take the time to become familiar with which ones are good for what you are looking to do. An example is on one of my blogs, there are no Page tabs, so I added the Page Widget.

    When I want to add a Capture Box, I copy the code from my database service and put it in the Text Box.

    I rarely use any of the other Widgets because they are visible on the blog and I like to keep the blog appearance as simple as possible.

    Adding Widgets is an audio file you can download to hear the actual steps it takes to create Wigets.