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    I am still a virtual novice when it comes to all the details of using Twitter to the maximum capacity it is designed to do. It is possible to send out a message to everyone who is following you on Twitter, that seems to be the easiest way of using Twitter.

    But hashtages (#) and the topic are what will make Twitter work more powerfully for you. As an example, #blog will give the results of everyone who has tweeted with the #blog. Then you can comment on their tweets or add them to your follows because you will have something in common.

    When you find those to follow who are promoting the same thing you are, you will build followers more rapidly. It is easier to follow through with people who are talking about the same things that you are talking about.

    Twitter is a great way to expand your reach and have more people follow you back not only to your Twitter account but to your blog site as well.

    You can also find out who is the most prominent who is discussing your points of interests.

  • Twitter Analytics

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    6 Tools to Learn More About Your Twitter Engagement

    Are you ready to learn more about your Twitter strategy? Do you want to keep a gauge on how it’s doing? There are Twitter tools that will show all the important engagement information you need to know, including things like:

    • Your follower history
    • Who has retweeted your latest blog post
    • How far your latest tweets reached
    • The analytics of individual tweets
    • Who are your most engaged followers

    If you’re ready to dig into some great analysis of your Twitter world, then check out these 6 awesome tools that will help you learn how to get even more out of Twitter.

    1. Topsy: Twitter Analytics for Your Website

    Are you curious how your website or blog performs on Twitter? Then you might want to check out Topsy’s Analytics. By plugging in site:yourdomain.com, you can get the following graph about the past 30 days worth of Twitter activity for your website.

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