• Hacked

    Posted on January 3rd, 2012 Sharyn No comments

    My blogs have been hacked three times. The first time was 18 months ago when I was in Belize. It took me over a month to get all the sites back and in order. Then about six months later I had about eight of my sites hacked and it took only two days to get them back. But in June every one of my sites was hacked by the Algerian army who is trying to make a statement of protest against those in the United States. It took me five months to get all of my sites back and my speaking site www.sharynabbott.com took the longest. I had to prove to GoDaddy that I am who I am even though I had bought the domain from them and continued to pay for the domain every year for 15 years. They even forced me to open a new account telling me I couldn’t use the existing account for the last two sites. I have to tell you, it is not fun to have to retrieve your sites, so if you want to avoid all the trouble, there is now a software program you can add to your blog to prevent anyone hacking into your site.

    WP LockTight –

    WordPress Security Suite

  • Blog Spam Security

    Posted on December 9th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    I have been looking at blog security systems such as Plugins, Widgets, Software and anything that will help keep others from invading my blogs and keeping the spammers at a distance.

    One of the things that helped my blogs tremendously was when I changed the  “Settings” and “Discussions” settings to only allow a comment within the first day. That stopped the majority of spammers, but it also stopped the majority of comments from others who would leave related comments too.

    So if you’re not interested in spending an hour a day deleting spam comments which are promoting their websites, you’ll want to look at adding some protective measures.

    I found a new Plugin which is WangGuard. They have software that will recognize the majority of spammers and eliminate them by blocking their ability to comment on your blog.

    It is a great service that will save you an incredible amount of time. The higher the ranking your blog achieves, the more attention you get from those who try to capitalize on your success. I call it “drafting”, picking up from the efforts you have made to get your site recognized, then they leave their website link on your blog to get a backlink credit.

    They go through a lot of effort to find well ranked blogs and then leave their own site link when if they put the same amount of time and effort to create traffic, they would be further ahead.