• Keep up Your Blog

    Posted on July 21st, 2010 Sharyn No comments

    It is a challenge for some to think of what to say when blogging every week. What I have found is there is inspiration all around me. When I am driving I watch what is going on around me. When I stand in line at the grocer store (which is rare) I notice how people act, listen to conversations they have, their body language and most especially what children are doing.

    I was so surprised to see a mother and daughter at Trader Joe’s today. The girl couldn’t have been more than four years old and as the mother was shopping the girl was watching a cartoon on her mother’s iphone. Yikes! Even to tots are addicted to technology!

    Simple things can make for interesting reading, when you present them in an interesting light!

    I find the most interesting blogs to read are about every day stories, occurrences, insights, impressions and enlightened experiences. You can take any experience and have the result be meaningful to nearly any topic.

    Some might not make the stretch of the mother and daughter shopping at Trader Joe’s apply to a blog about blogs, but there is always a way to look at an experience and see how it can be meaningful.

    Once you start writing once a week, you’ll find you begin to notice things automatically. Make a list of things that interest you during the week and keep the list hand. Eventually you’ll have more to write about than you will be able to keep up with. It’s a simple process of training yourself to think in terms of remembering what you see and turning it into an applicable post.

  • Adding Posts

    Posted on March 31st, 2010 Sharyn No comments

    I have a lot of people ask me how it’s possible to keep up with a blog. It seems to them it takes a great deal of time to keep the blogs up to date.

    Here’s what I do. I write 4 blogs simultaneously. They are an average of 250 words which takes about 10 minutes to write. But that’s because I have two months worth of ideas mapped out ahead of time. Then I post date the blog entries a month ahead of time.

    So I can update 4 blogs in an hour, read the blog posts to make sure they read through ok and be done for the week for writing.

    The second hour for 4 blogs is in making sure others know the blog has been updated and we’ll cover more about that further down the line.