• Joint Ventures

    Posted on April 28th, 2012 Sharyn No comments

    I can’t say enough about the Joint Ventures I have been able to do with the friends I have met on Facebook! I have mentioned previously, I have had radio interviews, created Joint Venture products, acquired speaking engagements and most recently, been asked to join a group of conscious individuals to have my own radio program.

    Even though I had a live radio program in the mid 90s, this will be a new twist for me. I have been interviewed on nearly 200 radio and television programs over the past 20+ years for my business accomplishments and innovative methods of helping entrepreneurs become more profitable, but this program will be focused on encouraging others to write their books about what they are most passionate about.

    I have found Facebook, SelfGrowth and LinkedIn websites to be the most resourceful tools for developing candidates for interesting relationships with accomplished individuals who are noteworthy prospects for interviews.

    Think in terms of what they have accomplished and what you want to yet accomplish. What tidbits of information could they share with you and your soon to be followers which would enlighten, inspire and motivate?

    I find that every person I talk with is a wealth of information and I am always open to learning what they have done to achieve their success. It is a simple way to keep up with what else is out there while creating quality information for my database.

  • Facebook Joint Ventures

    Posted on April 20th, 2012 Sharyn No comments

    When I first started with Facebook in 2008, Groups didn’t exist, but Fan Pages did. One of the people I met Deremiah Cpe set up my Fan Page for me. He invited all of his friends to like my Fan Page! Wow! How generous is that?

    I got 12 interviews including 1 from each: Canada, London and Spain! It was amazing! I had 2,500 friends by the end of summer and met Bill Ellingsworth from Wisconson.

    After a few conversations we decided to do a Joint Venture. We each approached about 20 authors in the Singles and Dating arena. They were talk show hosts, authors, TV series stars and coaches.

    What was surprising is how easy it was. Call 20, get 10 who were interested. And 3 more got back too late to be fit into the program. We interviewed one person each weekday throughout the month of September. September just happens to be Singles Month!

    We had each person send out to their database they were going to be interviewed and then their database could ask any question of them through the form I set up in icontact.

    We ended up with more than 5,000 people in our Singles database and were able to launch a membership sight in October. Bill went off to do other things, but I burned the interviews to a 20 CD program and now it’s one of my products I have for my Back of the Room Sales When I’m speaking at Singles organizations for Making a List and Checking it Twice!