• Tips and Tricks

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    I am always taking classes, most of them on blogging so I can continue to learn how to make the best of the platform and to be able to pass on to others what I have learned.
    I realize most people don’t have the patience to take as many teleseminars, webinars and attend live events as I do. I have always enjoyed education, but the idea of continuing my business education to keep up with the times and technology.
    I was going through a 12 series webinar this week when it dawned on me there was a correlation between what I have learned from other teleseminars and what this one was proposing.
    Everyone who is a avid blogger understands the value of submitting articles and getting backlinks to their blogs.
    Here’s the twist. Every time you write a post, add it to a Page which is called Articles. Then add a Text box in your Widgets and title it Articles. Now this is where it might get a bit tricky. You’ll need to add an .html entry in the Text box with the article link.
    So now instead of entering a Post, you are adding the same information in two additional locations on your blog: the Page called Articles and the Widgets area in a Text Box titled Articles. The purpose is to give your post a permanent place on your blog.
    Then just one last step, post your article on article sites such as:

    • SelfGrowth.com
    • ezinearticles.com
    • easyezinearticles.com
    • articleabode.com
    • totheglobe.info

    These are the five that appear on page one of Google. That in itself will help you get noticed  by the mega players in the article sharing world.

  • Pay for Articles

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    Excerpt from Content Boss on Paying for Articles

    So how do you get your hands on plenty of Unique content?

    Get it from article directories
    Nope, this doesn’t work anymore. Everyone and his kid sister (and probably his pet cat too) is grabbing each article as soon as it appears on the directories, and duplicating it up onto their websites. The net effect is to make YOUR usage of these articles pointless.
    Manually tweak PLR articles
    Good luck with that. Not only will it take you oodles of time and brainpower, the chances are you won’t do it well enough to ‘fool’ the search engines, let alone a human reader. Even worse, you may unintentionally place ‘footprints’ in your text, by consistently misspelling something, or using unusual word combinations unconsciously. If you don’t agree, come back in a month when you STILL aren’t making any money, and pick up from this point.
    Pay someone else to write new articles for you
    Ah. Rich kid, huh? Article writers want anywhere between $3 and $20 for a few hundred words, so you can quickly end up in the hole for THOUSANDS before you see ANY return. Even worse, you have no guarantee that these ‘article writers’ don’t simply use any one of a number of web tools to ‘borrow’ content from elsewhere, and make a few simple changes to it in order to fool you into believing it’s unique. They won’t fool the search engines, of course. Synonym word replacement, juggling paragraph order, mixing paragraphs from multiple sources – all these tricks are old hat (and ‘black hat‘ too!) , and the search engines are wise to them. Hiring people from forums, or scriptlance-style sites guarantees only one thing for sure – a smaller bank balance as you pay them for each and every word they write/borrow/steal/repurpose for you.
    Use a ‘content spinner’
    So-called ‘article spinners’ or ‘content rewriters’ such as ‘ContentManglerPro’ supposedly take text and magically change it into ‘new’ and ‘unique’ content. For a hundred bucks or less, download a whizzy exe that promises to give you free content forever. Do they work? Of course not. You either end up with gibberish, or you have to spend hours slaving away adding weird curly braces and word replacements into the text before you can even begin. This usually takes you longer than simply rewriting the article by hand! Even worse, search engines are not fooled by these tools. Plus, you have to download an exe and have NO idea what it’s actually going to do once it’s on your computer (think Adware. Think Spyware. Think twice!).