• WordPress Update

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    Sprouting from three days of WordPressions:

    1. Worth watching is WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word address. One of the astoundingly positive statistics shared is that 22 of every 100 active domains are running WordPress. I was wowed by the slides designed by Michael Pick. Pete Davies helped put together the presentation.

    2. A survey showed that 65% of WordPress sites have been customized. Looking for where to learn how to customize your WordPress site? A web designer I met at the conference referred me to Chris Coyier’s sequence of helpful lessons, as well as where you can learn how create your own custom theme.

    3. Want a sweet kick in the pants to get some projects out the door? Jeff Veen’s presentation on “How the Web Works” offered some. As he put it: “Move from abstract to concrete as fast as you can.”

    Veen referred to Reid Hoffman’s quote, “If you’re not embarrassed when you ship your product, you’ve waited too long.”

    He spoke about successful quick iteraters like Twitter who make it better over and over and as quickly as possible. “Speed of iteration beats quality of iteration.”

    My huge thanks everyone at WordPress. I am grateful for how you are revolutionizing the delivery of information and ideas.


    What WordPress is to the web, curriki.org may become to education (for at least K-12 that is). Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, was the keynote speaker at ShiftED, a conference held to inspire and inform educators on how to embrace 21st Century technology to transform teaching.

    “Education is not a right in this country. A right is something you give to everybody without taking from anybody. Healthcare is not a right in this country either,” said McNealy.

    Citing sad statistics on the performance of 4th graders in U.S. schools, “What we have is not an Achievement Gap, we have an Achievement Grand Canyon!”

    To address his concerns for the state of education and in alignment with his belief in open source, McNealy founded curriki.org. There you’ll find free learning resources including lesson plans, interactive materials, games, and other learning aids to enliven today’s classroom where students are more likely to be using digital media not yet available at the school they’re attending.


  • Installing WordPress

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    When I started using Blogs to promote my books, training material and other interests, I decided to test each of the top three blog sites. I methodically did the same tasks on each of the sites for one year to find out if there truly is a difference. And sure enough, there is.

    The only way to get the traction you’ll need to get traffic is to obtain your own .com website and install WordPress on your site. Most web hosts will walk you through the process, but if you aren’t able to get help, you can use this video to walk you through each step. You’ll see just how easy it really is.

    The free blog sites will not get you the ranking and traffic you deserve. If you’re trying to earn an income with your blog, you must have your own name.com. If you are in a specific industry, have that industry name in your website name.

    You might want to go one step further and use Google Analytics to find the keywords that are the most popular and find words that are highly sought after.

    There is a system to make your blog gain recognition through high ranking and drive traffic back to your site. There are no short cuts, so just buckle down and do the work.