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    Posted on September 20th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    For more than 6 years I have been recommending a specific web host because they have always been so reliable. They answer the phone when I have a question and they always have a solution when I am having a challenge with one of my 32 websites.

    Then a year ago March they upgraded their servers and my sites got hijacked! They had me believing it was because I took a vacation to Belize and someone had broken into my computer and taken all of my passwords. Regardless, it was a nightmare.

    Then six months later the same thing happened. FastNext.com techies told me it was not their fault but they had me back up and running in two days. But it was embarrassing. Every one of my sites had a very foul message with someone bragging that I had indeed been hacked!

    Well, I’m not always a slow study but it happened again in June. This time someone from Algiers not only compromised my sites and proudly declared I was hacked and posted the national Algerian flag on my sites and stole the ownership of my very own sharynabbott.com website.

    It has taken 2 1/2 months to get GoDaddy.com to return the ownership of my own named site even though I sent them copies of 10 years worth of invoices for the domain.

    I decided to move each of the websites as well! What a nightmare!

  • Web Hosts

    Posted on June 21st, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    I have tried many web hosts over the past 16 years. My first website costs $1,200 a year to host. It was five pages.

    Then I found another host that offered more resources such as hosting my database on line and they were local and were only $600 a year.

    About eleven years ago I decided to launch my speaking site and a third site to host the training materials for my business. I didn’t want to pay $1,800 a year and by this time, there were many website hosts that were promoting hosting multiple sites so again I had to switch. But this time the host I chose had to answer the phone. I was frustrated with having to wait two or three days to get an answer to a question that should have been very simple to answer! The new host charged $500 a year for multiple sites.

    And of course I kept adding more and more websites so it became a key factor was being able to have unlimited uploads and storage because five years ago I started using a lot of video and videos take a lot of storage.

    That’s when I discovered a site, again who answered the phone, but it turned out even though they have an office in Los Angeles, CA, but they host the sites in India and after they changed out or upgraded their servers a year ago, I have had a lot of down time on my sites.

    So for the past few months I’ve been using HostGator. I have recommended them to all my new Blogify clients and they are always helpful and never mind answering questions and guiding the clients through the installation of WordPress.

    I truly love it when a service actually answers their phone!