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    Posted on November 29th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    I noticed on Yahoo.com Punky Brewster star is blogging and making it a major income generator. She has turned her one million plus followers on Twitter the focus of a new business that focuses on what it’s like to blog as a mother.

    She has found new ways staying in touch with other mothers and sharing her stories on what it’s like to be a stay at home mom.


    This is a great new way for mothers who choose to stay at home develop an income and being a mother a way to connect with the rest of the world.

    Whatever you’re interested in, you can turn that interest into an income stream by using a blog.

    Most people start small but end up finding products and link services that coincide with their focus.

    It has become a major attention getter among the media as well.  They love giving coverage to blogs that gain the attention of the masses. It still is a novelty for many but if you can a topic you are interested in, you will be able to generate an income in no time.

    The best suggestion is however, create your own products so you can capitalize on your interest as well.

    This blog post was inspired by Yahoo.com’s MOST POPULAR CATEGORIES

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    Posted on November 25th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    I had a conversation this morning with a woman I met in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. She is talking about re-inventing herself and instead of promoting other speakers, she now wants to become a speaker. Obviously I recommended she write a book to coincide with the transformation. Her years of experience in helping others establishes her credibility and will make it easier for her to get out into the world with a new public identity.

    It isn’t easy to switch gears after being successful at doing one thing. Heaven knows, I’ve done the transformation many times in my life. But we often have to keep trying new avenues until we find what makes us comfortable and excited about how we spend our time.

    She told me she wasn’t afraid of public speaking at least three times in 15 minutes, so I believe there is something there to deal with. But the fact is, when someone has the passion to speak, the fear becomes the catalyst to make a difference in the world.

    I made the decision to break away from teaching professional speaking and become a professional speaker about eleven years ago. It was truly an amazing transformation for me.