• Routines

    Posted on December 16th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    I always recommend new bloggers develop a new habit of writing in their blog every day, at least for the first three months. It is the only way to gain the traction it takes to gain the ranking on your blog.

    It is hard to know what to write about at first. When I first started writing in my blogs I had to really struggle to find enough ideas to write consistently. Then after about three or four weeks the ideas began to flow.

    Everywhere I looked there were new ideas. There were conversations with friends and something I had heard on the radio. There were television programs and things I would see as I was driving throughout the Bay Area.

    Then I decided I needed to start writing the ideas down in a list. I had so many I would forget what they were. Everywhere I looked I saw something else that I wanted to write about.

    Then I decided to start writing about my life experiences. It was amazing how many of my stories added interesting items to be written. Everything from learning to fly, auto cross racing, down hill ski racing, travelling throughout Europe and so many more great experiences that were fun to re-live.

    Look towards your family and friends for additional stories. You’ll find they will never disappoint you.

  • Blog Routines

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    When I talk with people about blogging for the first time, they are concerned about the activity of blogging taking up a lot of their time. Very few bloggers I know, blog more than once a week, but they still manage to get their rankings into a respectable level.
    The trick to blogging is not the frequency, but the combination of tasks, Widgets, Plugins, Videos, Backlinks and the Posts.
    I have set up a number of test blogs and have managed to get each and every blog into the top 1 100th of all websites within a four to six week period by simply following the routines I have developed after a year of research, testing and proving what works and what doesn’t count in the big scheme of blogging.
    What doesn’t work is automated backlink services, spamming other blogs to get backlinks or posting backlinks on Social Media sites which are not ranked in the top 1,000 on Alexa.
    The name of the game is traffic. There are several techniques you can use to increase your unique visitors.
    What does work is:
    • RSS Fees from highly ranked websites
    • Entering a new post
    • Adding comments to LinkedIn groups with your backlink when the group applies to your topic
    • Posting to all your Social Media sites when you’ve updated your blog and include a backlink
    • Adding at least one video each week
    • Adding at least one picture each week.
    • Writing articles and posting them to ezines (electronic magazines) with your backlink and a line such as “I have more great information to help you achieve the success you deserve on my site.” or “Stop by my blog to receive your free ebook” (white paper, mp3, etc.)
    Overall it comes down to being disciplined. Every week or every day, depending on your drive to get your name and information out into the world.
    You can use oursourcing services such as elance.com or fiverr.com (there are hundreds of them) when you get to a point where you prefer someone else manage your blog routine.
    There are services such as GetGlobalAssist.com and SubmitEdge.com who will write your articles and post them to your blogs and other ezines.
    You can also use YouTube as a resource for videos if you don’t have your own.
    There is a world of resources designed to make it easier for you.
    Now it’s up to you to take action.