• Guest Blogging

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    I have been asked many times to submit blog content for popular blogs. It is always a great means of having someone else’s loyal blog readers discover who I am. The ideal is to have them then return to one of my blogs to find out more of who I am and what I have an interest in.

    The best way to make sure the readers might be inspired to go to your blog site is to add a signature banner to your guest post. You might also want to offer an enticement to up the chances of them following through as well.

    One type of enticement would be an audio program you have recorded or an ebook you might write to offer suggestions to your blog followers.

    The main thing is to find as many blog sites as you can to have multiple sites posting your entries simultaneously. The more you have, the more traffic you will generate back to your blog.

    I try to have at least one new guest post each and every week to keep the traffic coming to my sites.

  • Guest Blogging

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    Daily Blogma

    I am occasionally asked to be a guest blogger and I always take them up on it.

    Especially if the blog has high rankings and a lot of traffic and the blog is related to something that I am already writing about.

    One of my blogs is about business development and entrepreneurship.

    I submitted this blog about a month ago. Most of the time it takes between two and four weeks before the blog shows up.

    This is a great way to gain more visibility, backlinks to your blog and drive traffic back to your site. This particular blog site included a full bio, but that is rare. Typically they will include a signature line.

    They added another new touch that is a great bonus. Below the bio they have Website – Twitter – Facebook – More Posts which are hotlinks (click through to the site) back to each one of my Social Media links.

    I’ll keep you posted on how it effects the traffic on my blog. So far it already has 15 likes on Facebook and 3 re-Tweets.

    You can search for blogs in your topic and request doing a guest blog. You won’t have to work too hard to get other bloggers to agree to add your blog post.

    Another way to add content to your blog is to request other bloggers to your site. Just be sure their content is appropriate to your blog.