• 30 Techniques To Create An Effective Blog

    Posted on October 27th, 2012 Sharyn No comments

    These days everyone is creating a blog, from celebrities to the boy next door. But most of these blogs are abandoned in a month or two. Do you know why? This is because they don’t provide any quality content. They don’t get any traffic and so the so called hopeless bloggers abandon them. But if you don’t want the same to happen to you, then you have to follow some simple yet really effective techniques. They will help you create a really effective blog. The techniques are as follows:

    1. Write short and on the topic posts. Break up your posts in paragraphs and put them in a logical order. For example: A review is always written in parts like design, performance, new features and verdict. All the parts are on the same topic still not mixed up. It makes a post easier to read and understand.
    2. Blog on your own domain. It attracts search engines’ attention. Moreover it becomes easy to rememberxyzstuff.com rather than xyzstuff.abchost.com.
    3. Blog on a particular topic. Don’t mix things like technology and travel stories together on one post or even one blog. A reader interested in books might reach up your blog and read an article or two. But then if he finds no more articles on that topic but some kind of travel stories or other stuff, then he is obviously not going to return.
    4. Write unique content. Don’t follow the beaten track. Coping content from other sources and writing in your own words is not unique content. Unique content is which comes in yours and only yours head.
    5. Write for loyal readers and not for loads of worthless traffic. The blog’s quality is judged by subscribers and not traffic which leaves your blog reading one page or even just the title.
    6. Encourage your readers to comment and help make your blog better. This will provide good co-operation between you and your readers and you will eventually come to know about their likes and dislikes.
    7. Take help in writing content from someone having similar interests. They might also have some creative ideas in their mind jumping out to stick to your blog.
    8. Don’t think you have to know all about the topic which you are writing on. You learn as you write. But keep on reading books and other stuff on the topic you write just to enhance your knowledge.
    9. Do some e-mail interviews to get some popularity. This means doing interviews with the well known and not the one living down the street.
    10. Always answer to questions asked in your e-mails or comments on your blog. The questions will enhance your knowledge and your readers’ also. Give some suggestions if you don’t know the answer but always reply.

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  • Lori’s Success

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    I had a call from Lori What Runs Lori last week and she told me she had just received a call from the local Sacramento Good Morning type newspaper segment.

    Lori wanted to know what she should do so we talked about creating a CD with an hour segment on what people can do to begin to set their plans for the New Year to get back into shape after having no limit eating for the holidays.

    Lori was filmed for more than three hours, the segment was broken up into several small portions and had a total of 7 minutes and 25 seconds of air time. Not only that, but they also did a huge spread in the Sacramento Bee.

    Having media like that to add to your website adds collateral that is priceless. It establishes your expertise and adds a level of credibility that is beyond compare.

    Here it is the same day and Lori already has the video on her site.  She’s included the recipe for the healthy Turkey Chimichanga Savory Cupcakes.

    The amazing thing is that Lori is 28 years old and has many successes to her credit already.

    She is about two months away from completing her first book and then she’ll be on her way. There is no stopping her! She has the enthusiasm and focus to make sure she will be successful.