• Blog Posts

    Posted on June 10th, 2012 Sharyn No comments

    What do you want to blog about? What are you passionate about? What can you do to create a presence on line where you will be able to generate a following?

    When I work with those who are trying to supplement their income I ask them to assess their skills, talents and interests. Most everyone has at least ten things that will fit into those three categories.

    You might be a great cook, know how to sew, you love to write or journal, you might be health conscious or a fitness guru. You might know how to know how to restore old cars, change oil on a care more efficiently or buy a car saving thousands of dollars.

    Whatever you feel you are good at doing, whatever you are passionate about can easily be turned into a blog where you will gain followers, get traffic, create products and start earning more money than you ever have working a full time job that has always kept you one step behind having the life you truly deserve!

    Blogging opens up many avenues. You’ll realize there are many avenues you will be able to pursue whether it’s writing a book, speaking, coaching, training or radio and television appearances.

    It’s all up to you, you just have to get started. It takes less than an hour a week.

  • Habits

    Posted on October 18th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    When I first started blogging I used Blogger and had three separate blogs. I kept up the blogs for about a year, but when I didn’t see any results for the effort, I stopped and totally forgot about the blogs.

    Then about three years ago I took a teleseminar and was impressed by what people were doing with their blogs. They were talking about having incomes in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    Being the analytical I happen to be I decided to verify everything I heard. But more than that, I put up 28 of my websites to test what I had learned comparing it to actual results.

    What I found was when I did specific tactics, it had specific results. I could add specific Widgets or Plugins and no matter which blog I applied them to, they had the same basic results. It was truly amazing. I could find  a pattern of results with specific tactics and that lead to the thought that I could help anyone achieve the results if they did the same tactics.

    When you think about the Internet and the mass perspective of possibilities, it was an amazing realization. For the first time, I had proof I knew how to get anyone’s website in the top 1/10th of 1% of all websites in the world within a matter of 4 to 6 weeks.

    So, you can try on your own, or give Blogify a chance!