• Blogging Class

    Posted on March 23rd, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    Ed Woods who runs the Social Ponds Meetup group in San Francisco invited me to speak to some of the photographers who are members of his photographers group.

    Noe's Nest in San Francisco

    We met at a delightful bed and breakfast, Noe’s Nest in the Noe Valley District. It always amazes me how these separate worlds exist in little pockets that seemingly are just another street in a very big city.

    After coming in through the security gate, I entered a small receiving hall and then stepped into a time warp. The salon/dining room was decorated much in the same style as when the gorgeous 19th century Victorian was built.

    The dining table doubles as a conference table and is complete with WiFi services. We had seven photographers from as far east as Brentwood and as far south as San Jose in attendance. Each photographer specialized in different areas such as travel, animals, architecture, portraits, nudes, events and weddings.

    We started from the very beginning. We covered how to choose a blog theme, registering the blog with the search engines, adding Widgets, Plugins, using RSS Feeds, inserting photos and videos and how to use Social Media to drive traffic to their blogs.

    It’s hard to imagine, but it took four hours to cover all the details of the basics. We had just enough time to talk about the basics of driving traffic and capturing a database.

    So we have 7 new bloggers in the world. It is always fun for me to be the catalyst for new bloggers and to show them how they can expand their client base through blogging.

  • Others Blogging

    Posted on January 28th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    I had another blog class today and as usual, it was so much fun to be with the class and help them develop their blogs.

    It’s always a great reminder to me to stay on my toes. I get so used to the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past two years and sometimes forget others haven’t had the experience and exposure to the classes and background I’ve been exposed to over the years.

    I’ve been teaching the blog class for about 18 months now and have had nearly 100 take the course in person and about 40 on webinars. It is wonderful to hear the reactions of those who have taken the class. Some feel overwhelmed but most feel inspired by how easy it is to create a blog, have the mystique removed and know how to develop traffic and get new clients from their efforts.

    They are most often in awe they are able to create the level of traction within the four hour class. Then I hear back from them within a month and they’re all excited about gaining rankings beyond sites that are more than 10 years old without knowing anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    The most satisfying point about the classes for me is when someone who has very little experience  and then right after the class they tell me they feel comfortable with the blog work and have no trepidations about continuing the work.