• LinkedIn Routine

    Posted on May 2nd, 2012 Sharyn No comments

    I was number 78 to join Linkedin, I believe it was early in 2003. I was taking a Business Management course at San Jose State University when the instructor brought Reid Hoffman in to our class to talk about Social Media and how it impacts businesses and how he believed it would be the wave of the future. Reid asked if we would sign up for a profile and connect others we knew to our profiles and help him build the site’s membership.

    It wasn’t until eight years later when a client of mine said he knew of a way to have LinkedIn become more effective for me. I had been saying the majority of the users are IT (Computer) professionals and staffing firms looking for IT folks. I had never been able to build a good relationship (in compared to Facebook) with anyone I didn’t already know since it took someone to introduce me to someone they knew before I could make the connection.

    I diligently made connections for others, but never had a single person ever return the favor. It was discouraging and by this time I had shrugged it off (like Tagged and MySpace) as being less than a high priority site such as Facebook had become after 2008 for me.

    But he proved me wrong. I had just started converting my websites (28 at the time) to blogs and testing the productivity of Plugins and Widgets when he told me about using the Groups on LinkedIn.

    I was learning how to use groups on Facebook, so it made sense to me, but LinkedIn was well ahead of Facebook at that time when it came to mature groups, as in 3,000+ members in area specific groups.

    The great thing about the groups is when I asked to be added, 99% of the time, it happened within a couple of days. I learned to put backlinks (a hyperlink) to my sites in concept related groups and develop traffic immediately.

  • Backlinks

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    I’m often asked what Backlinks are and what the purpose is in having multiple Backlinks. The implementation is easy once you understand the process.

    Here are a few simple steps:

    Once you add a new post to your blog, you should go to LinkedIn, join several groups that relate to your blog topic and make a comment on others’ comments that are in the group. Be sure to include a Backlink (your website address)

    You also want to do the same on Facebook, leave a “Share” message and be sure to include your link.

    The other sites you want to be sure to place a notice about your post are MySpace and Twitter.

    All of these sites can be posted directly to through HootSuite.com. You can add each access sites details to HootSuite, type one message and it will be placed on each of the above mentioned sites. It is a great time saver.

    Once you have set up HootSuite, it takes less than a minute to notify each of the sites that you’ve updated your blog.

    The back links add credibility to your blog. Facebook is the number 2 ranked website in the world, according to Alexa rankings. Alexa’s toolbar will show you more relative data about your website activity than Google’s ranking system. Alexa will even break it down by US versus International rankings.