• Managing Your Adsense

    Posted on May 18th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    Adsense channels are one of the areas where it’s really easy to go overboard with statustics. You can set up URL channels to compare how one website is doing to another. You can also set up sub channels for each URL. If you wanted to you do something channels like this:

    • domain1.com – 728 banner
    • domain1.com – 336 block
    • domain1.com – text link
    • domain2.com – 728 banner
    • domain2.com – image banner
    • domain2.com – 336 block
    • domain3.com – 300 block

    While it is great to set up for testing and knowing who clicks where and why, it makes your reporting a little crazy. Your total number will always be correct but when you look at your reports with a channel break down the statistics will get displayed multiple times and not add up to correct total. It makes the details pretty confusing, so decide if you really need/want that level of reporting detail.

    TIP: At the very least you want to know what URL is generating the income so be sure to enter distinct URL channels.

  • Adsense

    Posted on May 4th, 2011 Sharyn No comments

    When building a new site it’s best not to use adsense on your site until you’ve a couple of months of posts up so you don’t look like a newbie. In fact I’d go even farther and say don’t put adsense on it until you have built inbound links and started getting traffic. If you put up a website with “lorem ipsum” dummy or placeholder text, your adsense ads will almost certainly be off topic. This is often true for new files on existing websites, especially when the topic is new or off topic from our previous topic.

    It may take days or weeks for google’s media bot to come back to your page and get the ads properly targeted. TIP: If you start getting lots of traffic from a variety of IP’s you will speed this process up dramatically.

    I like to build my sites using include files. Try to put the header, footer and navigation in common files. It makes it much easier to maintain and manage. I also like to put the adsense code in the include files. If I want/need to change my adsense code, it’s only one file I have to work with.

    TIP: I also use programming to turn the adsense on or off. I can change one global variable to true or false and my adsense ads will appear or disappear accordingly.